Official cautionary update from

Official source of Bitcoin –, has issued a cautionary update on a potential network disruption with an upcoming split scenario. Here’s the article published on Chain split Since Bitcoin’s inception, its network has facilitated hundreds of millions of transactions. As a result, different groups of people (developers, investors, Read more…

By Vamshi, ago

Bitcoin – That’s all Forks

As many of you might be reading through the panic stories of what’s going to happen to Bitcoin on August 1st 2017. Most common terms you hear on these articles is Soft Fork, Hard Fork, UASF(User Activated Soft Fork), Segwit2x. We, at confusedcoin have decided to help you folks to explain Read more…

By Praneeth Ala, ago

What is a Blockchain

Introduction A concept introduced by the mystery person doesn’t necessarily have to be a mystery anymore for everyone who wants to understand what a Blockchain is. With Internet and cloud it’s easier now to access and view information anywhere from the world and even view their sources. Just when I Read more…

By Reshma Reddy, ago