Blockchain technology and especially Ethereum has opened up a lot of gateways for good people to build decentralized various applications, peer-to-peer collaborations and exchange of real life goods without much of hassle or 3rd party transaction fees.

It also has democratized the funding the projects and enabled open source projects run their own funding campaigns and raise money for keeping the project running for the welfare of mankind. This democratization came in the form of Initial Coin Offerrings (ICOs) or TokenSales. However, it has it own disadvantages of many opportunists and people with bad intentions raising funds without providing any actual value – which is eventually dragging few beginners into scams.

While browsing internet today, found the following meme exactly depicting the scenario happening out there and I couldn’t stop laughing. Hope you all enjoy it too. Beware of all the scammers out there!

Beware of all MyEtherWallet scams & Never send ETH to any addresses mentioned in e-mails or direct messages.


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